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Mini Elliptical Bike Pedal Exerciser - Under Desk Mini Elliptical Bike Pedal Exerciser

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Pedal Exerciser with Large Display, Oversized Pedal and Adjustable Resistance for Home Office Daily Workout

The greatest Mini Elliptical Bike Pedal Exerciser is what we have to offer you. The highest calibre desk elliptical machine is here for you, guaranteed.

  • GET FIT WHILE YOU SIT: For extended office hours or indoor use, the Mini elliptical stepper machine provides a low-impact, seated cardio workout. It's so much easier now to stay active at home with 8 resistance settings!
  • FITSHOW APP CONNECTIVITY: The FitShow App compatibility of the Mini stepper will make your at-home exercises more engaging. With opportunities to train globally, compete, and track your advancement, you'll be inspired to workout more consistently.
  • EFFICIENT AND SPEEDY MOTOR: No matter how hard you train, the sophisticated 6.5 kg flywheel motor and anti-slip pedals provide minimal noise disturbance. So go ahead and push through a movie or conference call with complete assurance that nobody will notice!
  • SLIM ELECTRONIC DESIGN : Your joints are constantly protected with the Mini's professional-grade elliptical design and ultra-smooth gearing! You can work out whenever, anywhere, and store it effortlessly after use because to its small design.
  • LCD DISPLAY: Measure time, distance and calories burned with the built-in LCD display. You’ll never have to let long hours at work, sore joints or mobility restrictions prevent you from hitting your fitness goals ever again!

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Features of Mini Elliptical Bike Pedal Exerciser

Multiple – Function:

Both standing and sitting are supported by the mini workout trainer. Its advanced features include running, pedalling, and forward or backward motion. But it depends on the needs, you can nicely work out your body while sitting or standing up. It adds variety and convenience to your workout.

Highly Adjustable & Built-In Monitor:

Several resistance levels are used in the design of this compact elliptical since it is highly adjustable and has a built-in monitor. However, you can regulate and change the intensity of your exercise to suit your demands. Five characteristics are included in an integrated LCD monitor: time, distance, calories burned, count, and total count. Using the display monitor, you can even view your training data while working out.

Large Anti-slip Pedals:

Massive Anti-slip Pedals: The two massive, robust anti-slip foot pedals on this elliptical trainer are its most notable feature. Nonetheless, it can more successfully prevent the harm brought on by friction and improve the trainer. It guarantees excellent comfort and secures the foot. and permitting you to pedal at your desired speed and intensity.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Easy to Assemble

It’s easy to assemble. Great for working out at home in small spaces

Workout never been so relaxing

I am a beginner. Starting my fitness journey. I have shop to look after so I don't have much time to join gym. This is highly effective for myself after a long hour of work. I also bought a dumbbells last week. They were superb so bought this one for my workout at home.

Happy to use it

Simple to assemble, not too heavy. Within 5 minutes, I was able to put it together and begin using it. I exercise when my son is asleep because it is quiet. This can be used while standing or sitting. It is sturdy and doesn't bob about. It is not hideous to look at and can fit in small areas. I would advise If you want to exercise at home. It pays for itself within two months.

It's great to use

Easy and quick assembly. all required components and tools were included. I suggest traveling to the venue and gathering there. I use this occasionally during the day in my office. In the upcoming weeks, I'm hoping to see some progress. (Even though I've only been using it for a short while, I already feel a tiny improvement in my physical stamina; I'm expecting to shed a few pounds in addition to feeling better)

Great product

This stepper has been in my possession for about two weeks. It's incredibly quiet, simple to put together, and man do I work out. Using this in conjunction with a healthy low carb diet, I lost 3 pounds in 2 weeks. It exercises my thighs, glutes, and calves while being quite gentle on my knees and ankles. My legs seem to be getting more toned. I increased the dial's resistance slightly to achieve this effect, and it's really working well. Absolute space saver! Very simple to work on while following a meeting or watching TV. energizes me and I feel like it's doing wonders for my health in general. Before receiving this, I was utterly inactive, but now I use it every day.