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Punch Bag Stand UK - 6ft Boxing Free Standing Punch Bag Stand MMA Martial Arts Punching Gloves Sets

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Size:Punch Bag Cover Only

About Punch Bag Stand UK

With our robust and adaptable Punch Bag Stand UK, you can improve your boxing and fitness training. We have designed this stand to provide a convenient and dependable platform for your punching bag, allowing you to improve your striking technique, gain strength, and enhance your physical fitness.

This punch bag stand is a crucial component of your training routine, regardless of your level of experience.

Punch Bag Stand UK

Features of This Punch Bag Stand UK

  • For durability, use heavy-duty steel tubing construction.
  • supports punching bag weight of up to 200 pounds.
  • Height adjustable from 52" to 78"
  • Four rubber feet on the base provide stability and prevent tipping.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble

Benefits Of Punch Bag Stand UK

  • This stand was built to withstand heavy use thanks to its sturdy design.
  • You can change the stand to fit your height and reach thanks to the adjustable height.
  • Even while utilizing a hefty punching bag, the stand won't topple over thanks to the sturdy base.
  • The stand is simple to stow when not in use thanks to its simple construction and disassembly.


You may use this punching bag stand in outdoor areas as well as in fitness centers and home gyms. Boxers of all skill levels can use it to enhance their punching power and technique.

Method of Using:

  • Assemble the stand according to the instructions
  • On the stand, place the punching bag.
  • Adjust the height as per your need.
  • Begin how you wish to use it.

Our dependable and feature-rich Boxing Punch Bag Stand will help you advance your boxing training. This stand equips you to successfully accomplish your fitness and boxing goals. It is made to withstand demanding workouts and provide a variety of training possibilities. Give yourself the resources you require for success and make the most of every training session.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Versatile and Reliable!

The 6ft height is ideal for practicing a wide range of strikes and kicks. The included punching gloves set offers excellent hand protection and enhances my training experience.

Train Anywhere, Anytime with the Ultimate Punch Bag Stand!

Its freestanding design allows me to train anywhere, anytime, without the need for ceiling or wall attachments. If you're looking for convenience, versatility, and reliability in a punch bag stand, this is the one to get in the UK!

Great freestanding punch bag

Excellent overall product. comparatively robust, pleasing to work with, long-lasting, and incredibly compact. The stand's tiny hole makes it difficult to fill with sand, and it wobbles a little when you hit it, so it's not as robust as I'd like. That's the one drawback. Still, this is a really wise purchase.