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Water Filled Dumbbells Uk
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Water Dumbbell - Water Filled Dumbbells Set, Adjustable Fillable, Portable PVC Travel

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About Water Dumbbell

Water dumbbell is identical to ordinary dumbbells, except that instead of being made of metal, they are constructed of foam and plastic. This kind of weight is intended to be heavy in the water and light when it is out of it.

Features Of Water Dumbbell

Water Dumbbell

Flexible, light training weight

These travel dumbbells are foldable and weigh only 2 kg (with 8 balls, 8 nuts, 4 extensions, and 4 handles) instead of the traditional iron dumbbells. Once filled with water, these dumbbells can hold a maximum weight of 25 kg, allowing you to exercise both your upper and lower bodies.

Exceptional durability

Made of odorless, soft, and durable high-quality ABS material. Dumbbells made of water can be used again.

Easy to transport

Water dumbbell, which can be easily portable and refilled.
Depending on the user's strength, adjust the weight of each ball and the number of dumbbells being utilized. In the comfort of your own environment, gradually raise the weight through progressive overload to develop strength and muscle.


Exercise whenever you want, wherever you are, whether you're traveling, at home, at work, or both.


Never leaks or causes damage to the body, furniture, Or floor when it falls to the ground.

Water Dumbbell

Why choose Water Dumbbell?

- For avoiding injury to your body.
- Only 1.1kg when folded and it fits easily in a drawer or bag for transport and storage.
- Adjustable from 1 to 25 kg, it can be utilized by adults, children, and even the elderly.
- Upgraded water injection holes allow for faster filling and less backflow.
- Non-slip handle, non-corrosive.

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Customer Reviews

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Barry Hawkey
Works great!

I've been traveling with these for a few months now, and I really enjoy them. Although I also use resistance bands, it's much more enjoyable to be able to "move weight" with dumbells.