20 Kg Adjustable Dumbbells Set
20kg Adjustable Dumbbells
20kg Dumbbells Set
20kg Adjustable Dumbbell
Adjustable Dumbbell 20kg
20kg Dumbbells Set
20 Kg Adjustable Dumbbells Set

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20 Kg Adjustable Dumbbells Set - 20kg Gym Weights Dumbbells and Barbel Set Adjustable Weights Indoor/outdoor, Best Option for Home Gyms

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This 100% authentic 20 kg adjustable dumbbells set is ideal for general fitness.

Which is made of high-quality steel with a pleasant grip for your hands and weights that can be adjusted.

About 20 Kg Adjustable Dumbbells Set

Sturdy Vinyl Construction - The Phoenix Fitness 20kg Weight Set is composed of sturdy vinyl, which can assist minimize noise while also protecting the floors around your workout area.

2 in 1 Barbell Link - The dumbbells can be linked to one huge barbell for a wider range of exercises and to target specific muscle groups in your training.

Upper Body Exercise - Complete Weight Set provides a full-body exercise for your deltoids, pecs, triceps, biceps, and trapezius. 

 Room Saving - The weight discs may be stacked together for a sleek and compact design that saves room and is easy to store when finished.

2-in-1 Dumbbell & Barbell Set for an All-In-One Home Gym & Workout Solution

Fitness & Exercise Set that Saves Time for Busy People

The 40cm Barbell Link enables saving space.
Variable free weights aid in the promotion of safe and consistent strength and training progression.
Vinyl-coated weight plates aid in the Protection of Flooring During droppages.

Cambered rubber handles improve grip while minimizing slippage.

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Customer Reviews

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great value

Does the job. Just had my tendons stitched back on a torn rotator cuff and bicep surgery. Now my physio has got to the point where I need weights. Doing front straight arm raises from 1 kg, then 2, now I am up to 2.5 KG. One thing would be nice is some 500G weights to compliment the others to make a better combination. as I can not get a even 3kg for my next step. I'm being picky however as I am still 100% happy with these weights. I'll find some smaller weights and add them to the set, as they look to be universal.


The plastic nut that holds the weights in place occasionally comes loose naturally, but it still functions perfectly! Not able to grumble about the cost


These are fantastic, and I appreciate how you can switch between bar and dumbbells and different weights.