20 Kg Adjustable Dumbbells Set
20kg Dumbbells Set
20kg Adjustable Dumbbells
Adjustable Dumbbell 20kg
20kg Dumbbells Pair
20 Kg Adjustable Dumbbells Set
20kg Dumbbells Set
Adjustable Dumbbell 20kg

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20kg Dumbbell Pair - 20Kg Adjustable Dumbbells Barbell Weights Set Chrome Cast Iron Home Gym UK

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About 20kg Dumbbell Pair

Increase Strength

Using the cast iron dumbbell Barbell set with a case, you can increase muscular mass and strength.

Allows Natural Movement

20kg dumbbell pair, which allows for natural movement, allows you to target your chest, biceps, arms, and back regions while also ensuring safe and enjoyable workouts.

Flexible Set Up

This customizable dumbbell set includes a joining bar that can simply be linked to both dumbbells to create a barbell.

Non-slip Grip

The discs are simple to pick up and place onto the bars, and the knurled handles provide a secure, non-slip grip. There are also four chrome-plated, precision-machined, smooth-spinning spinlock straps for a secure fit and extra safety during the most strenuous workouts. Furthermore, the package comes with a convenient travel box for simple storage and transportation.

20kg Kit Includes

  • 4 cast iron weight plates weighing 0.5kg each
  • 4 cast iron weight plates weighing 1.25kg
  • 4 cast iron weight plates, each weighing 2.5kg
  • 2 × 35cm spinlock dumbbell bars with rubber grip
  • 1x Connecting bar for use with barbells
  • 1x Transport case

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Overall, I'm really happy with this kit. It is highly advised that, as soon as possible, you wipe the steel barbell tube with a rag dipped in clean oil to avoid any chance of light oxidation. After a few weeks, I noticed very slight oxidation on my tube, which I cleaned off with Brasso Duraglit before adding a very thin layer of oil for protection. The kit was delivered in a clean, well-padded cardboard box.


Extremely satisfied with the product's quality, packing, and value for the money.
There are a few lumps in the paint job, but nothing out of the ordinary considering that it is merely made of weights and does not come with a storage case.
Overall, I'm pleased with the price and all-metal weights.