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Electric Filer for Feet - Rechargeable Electric Foot Grinder File Pedicure Machine Tool Dead Skin Remover

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About Electric Filer for Feet

Our rechargeable electric filer for feet is a strong and efficient way to get rid of dry, rough, and callused skin from your feet. It will completely change the way you take care of your feet. Your feet will feel soft and renewed after using this cutting-edge pedicure machine tool. Which delivers a salon-quality treatment right into the comfort of your own home.

Features of Electric Filer for Feet

Dead skin, calluses, and rough areas can be easily removed with our foot grinder's strong motor and high-quality grinding rollers, leaving your feet feeling smooth and refreshed.

Electric Filer for Feet

No need to constantly replace batteries thanks to the rechargeable design. For simple and environmentally friendly use, the foot grinder is supplied with a USB cable and a rechargeable battery.

Two-speed Settings Electric Filer for Feet:

With two-speed settings that can be changed, you can personalize your foot care experience. For more difficult-to-reach places, use a greater speed; for more delicate exfoliation, use a lower speed.

Replaceable Rollers:

The electric filer for feet has replaceable grinding rollers to accommodate varying degrees of coarseness in the skin of the foot, guaranteeing a customized and efficient experience.

Ergonomic Design Electric Filer for Feet:

The grinder is easy to maneuver and control when in use thanks to the handle's pleasant and solid grip.

LED Light for Precision:

During operation, an inbuilt LED light illuminates your foot, improving your ability to see and target particular locations.

Safer Than Conventional Techniques:

Put an end to manual files and sharp blades. There is less chance of harm or discomfort with this electric foot grinder.

Simple to Clean:

For the best hygienic conditions and upkeep, the removable grinding head is simply removed for cleaning.

Versatile Use of Electric Filer for Feet:

In the comfort of your own home, get a spa-quality pedicure that works for both wet and dry feet.

With our rechargeable electric filer for feet dead skin remover, you may improve your foot care regimen. In the comfort of your own home, bid adieu to rough, callused feet and hello to silky, smooth results reminiscent of a salon. Get yours now to enjoy the satisfaction of soft, healthy, and well-maintained feet.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Absolutely love it! Came half charged, used it straight away and came to leave a review, it's so good! Have used Scholl in the past and it wasn't bad but this was 10 times better! It's so strong you have to be careful not to press too hard cause it took my skin off to the point of burning sensation (my bad!) Does not loose speed when you press harder on it. And shape I find it easier to hold. Plus chargeable rather than battery operated. Love it! Wish I found sooner. Well worth the money!

Iryna Sabha
Great choice

Very cool thing! Easy to use and great results! Fast and convenient! I recommend)

Kerry Barr

I have been looking for something to gently remove dry skin from my feet. This is fabulous. Great that there are different gradients of files to attach. Easy rechargeable and portable too. Great price for a handy and convenient aid to a pedicure!