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Ankle Strap for Cable Machine - Best Ankle Strap Leg Gym Cable Attachment Pulley Machine Weight Lifting D Ring

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About Ankle Strap for Cable Machine

This Ankle Strap for Cable Machine is specifically made for lower body exercises, allowing you to work your glutes, hamstrings, and buttocks more effectively. You can secure the weights and adjust the cuffs using the adjustable strap.

It is simple to put on and can be tailored to your specific needs. Ideal for leg curls, leg extensions, and hip abductors. Have one and begin working out right away to achieve the body of your dreams.

A Top-notch Ankle Strap for Cable Machine:

RitFit Ankle Straps are specially made for lower-body workouts, increasing the intensity of your workout while concentrating on your glutes, hamstrings, and buttocks. Durability is ensured by premium materials, while comfort is achieved via ergonomic design.

Three sturdy metal D rings that are welted together were specifically developed to withstand the demands of various actions. The additional strap beneath your feet aids in maximizing foot stability for the most effective leg and thigh activation on every rep.


The weights and cuffs are secured with a safe and dependable nylon hook and loop strap. These ankle straps are really simple to put on and can be adjusted to the perfect fit.


Excellent for leg curls, leg extensions, and hip abductors. Used in conjunction with cable machines, resistance machines, functional trainers, etc., a fantastic tool for body shaping!
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Ankle Strap

Features of Ankle Strap for Cable Machine:

Double-reinforced D-rings make it simple to attach to cable machines and help you tone your glutes comfortably!
- Because of the neoprene padding, the ankle strap is the safest and most comfortable.
- Modifiable. The strap enables you to adjust the cuffs' tightness and keep the weights in place. Simple to put on and adjust to fit; comes with a waterproof travel case. Excellent for leg extension, leg curl, hip abductors, and all of your favourite leg day exercises; works with traditional cable systems, resistance trainers, functional trainers, and more.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Fits into my ankle

The ankle straps great. Well padded so it doesn't hurt my ankle at all. I can stretch out perfectly. It's just, the width could be few cm more. That's it

sophie brown

Delivery was fast. I was skeptical whether this would fit around my ankle or not but it fitted properly.


These straps are comfortable, no sliding or rubbing on ankles. Feel secure and attach easily to cables. Nice range of motion from 3 positioned hooks . Great and effective accessory to my Inspire FTX Fitness home trainer. No excuses.💪

Brandon Winter
Excellent Quality

I was really impressed with the quality of this ankle strap. It's made with durable materials and the stitching is strong

Danielle Wilson
Great ankle strap

This ankle strap is perfect for my cable machine workouts. It's really comfortable and has a good grip.