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Best Ankle Weights UK - 2PCS Adjustable Wrist Weights Set for Exercise

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About Best Ankle Weights UK:

Use the Best Ankle Weights in the UK to up your training game and improve your fitness regimen. These ankle weights are ideal for strength training, cardiovascular exercises, rehabilitation, and other activities since they provide resistance and intensity to your routines.

Training Gear:

Cretee 2 PCS Adjustable Wrist and Ankle Weights Weight-Bearing Bracelet Fitness Wristband for Walking, Jogging, Yoga, and Aerobics.

Best Ankle Weights UK


It fits people of all sizes and can be worn on the Wrist and Ankle Weights by men, women, and children, especially beginners.
Fit for a variety of activities, including jogging, pilates, walking, traveling, home exercise, yoga, and other sports and fitness techniques. provides hands-free arm resistance training.

An Adjustable Velcro Paste Fastening:

It makes the weight-bearing bracelet easy to move and guarantees that it fits your ankle and wrist. It also makes it quick and simple to put on and take off.

Simple to Clean:

Best ankle weights uk suited for all activities and protects the wrist while being simple to clean. It is odor- and sweat-resistant. When cleaning, you can use a moist towel to wipe it.

Decoration and Use:

The product has a small, elegant design. Because of its size, it won't fall off while exercising, and because it weighs the same as accessories when worn every day, it won't be too heavy.


A bracelet that supports weight Cast iron with silicone as a material, pink and black
Weight per piece: around 430 grams


  • The weight-bearing bracelet is appropriate for workout activities such as yoga, Pilates, walking, traveling, and jogging.
  • You can use a moist cloth or dishwashing liquid to clean the weight-bearing bracelet.
  • Because it could harm the bracelet's edge, it is not advised to remove the weight-increasing components on the wristband.

Customer Reviews

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Juliet Hayward
Great quality hand/wrist weights

I purchased these weights to wear on my wrists while daily walking. Wearing these while walking is advised by my chiropractor to help ward off osteoporosis. They are of excellent quality and remain put. I'm going to purchase an additional set to wear around my ankles.