Adjustable Ankle Weights Set
Weighted Ankle Straps
Weighted Ankle Straps - Adjustable Ankle Weights Set - Wrist Weight Bands Bracelet Weights
Wrist Weight Bands
Weighted Ankle Straps - Adjustable Ankle Weights Set - Wrist Weight Bands Bracelet Weights

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Weighted Ankle Straps - Adjustable Ankle Weights Set - Wrist Weight Bands Bracelet Weights

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Adjustable Wrist Ankle Weights Set

About This Item  

We are bringing you our  Adjustable Ankle Weights Set for your home and gym exercise. 100% best quality ankle weight is available for you. Order your ankle weight now and become strong and healthy.

The Xn8’s VERSATILE ANKLE WEIGHTS are multi-purpose strength training accessories. When walking, running, or doing a variety of physical activities such as lunges and deadlifts. 

 The Xn8 Adjustable wrist set is lightweight and adaptable to any workout routine. They are composed of a particular cotton fabric that is both durable and comfy. Even if you wear ankle weights for a long time, the cloth will keep you cool. 

It Can add to your usual yoga, squats, and other activities to increase fat burning and decrease recovery time. We want to sell these ankle weights in pairs, with each pair having a distinct weight measurement. Available in five brilliant colors and suitable for both men and women. 

Weighted Ankle Straps

Weighted Ankle Straps Features:

  1. The Xn8 adjustable wrist set is long-lasting and constructed of breathable cotton fabric. They are soft and pleasant to use for long periods of time throughout everyday activities and other workouts.
  2. The robust hook and loop strap on our adjustable gym weights is easily wrapped.
  3. These ankle and wrist weights provide good resistance, allowing you to lose weight and achieve your ideal form faster. The majority of people include them in yoga, deadlifts, and other workouts.
  4.  The other set includes two ankle weights, each weighing 2.5 kg (5kg together). By adding or removing sandbags, you can vary the weight of this jogging equipment. (For further details on weight modifications, see the chart in the photos.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Eva Sharpe
Comfortable for daily exercise

These adjustable ankle weights are comfortable to wear during workouts. The straps are adjustable and fit securely.

Highly recommended

These adjustable ankle weights are amazing! They fit comfortably around my ankles and I hardly notice them while working out. They add the perfect amount of resistance to my exercises and have helped me tone my legs and glutes.

Worth to purchase this

The weights are well-made and the straps are quite comfortable, which speaks much about the product's high quality. The fact that you may change the weight to suit your fitness level makes them ideal for adding resistance to leg exercises.

Jhon martin
Use experience

The straps are comfortable, and they are quite simple to use. They're excellent for adding resistance to leg exercises, and I appreciate that the weight can be changed to suit your fitness level. I heartily endorse them!

Very useful

Very useful tool for individuals looking to add variety and intensity to their lower body workouts.