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Cupping Therapy Set - 32PCS Cupping Vacuum Massage Cups Set Therapy Health Acupuncture Suction Magnet

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Material:12 Cup Set

About Cupping Therapy Set

This cupping therapy set is simple to use and clean thanks to its pikestaff. Its powerful suction makes it difficult for it to slide off. 

In terms of Chinese traditional medicine, it is highly successful in treating a wide range of illnesses and ailments. 

Just bring it home, such amazing items!

Key Features Of Cupping Therapy Set

Easy-to-use Pressure Relief Valves:

You can use a therapist or doctor on your own; you don't require one. Safe and dependable traditional Chinese medicine treatment. For the goal of massage and relaxation as well as for the treatment of illnesses. Every day or every other day, suction is applied to unfixed acupuncture sites, or any other area on the body. Where pain is experienced, for ten to fifteen minutes at a time.

Cupping Therapy Set

Cupping Therapy Set:

Clinical studies have demonstrated the following benefits of cupping therapy set: reduced inflammation, toxins released (lymphatic drainage and detoxification), relaxation of tense muscles, pain in the back, shoulders, neck, and joints, arthritis, cold, bone surgical issues, tingling, etc.

Vacuum Pump:

The cupping therapy set contains a vacuum pump and 32 suction cups. This substance, which is composed of polycarbonate, is renowned for being stronger, more resilient to tearing, and more durable than any other plastic.

Acupuncture Point:

Possess a comprehensive guide that explains the eight acupuncture sites on the legs, ten on the arms, and 49 on the back of the body.

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Ingrid Ramirez

This is so easy to use. Great results. Got on time. I loooooove it.