swimming jammers for men
swimming jammers
swimming jammers for men
men's swimming jammers
swim jammers mens
speedo men's jammers
speedo men's jammers

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Swimming Jammers for Men - Racing and Training Swimsuit Men's Swimwear Swim Trunks Durable Swimwear

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 About this item

High Elasticity and Chlorine Resistant:

The men's jammers are durable, maintain stretch, and are difficult to deform. A 3D design and a lining in the crotch area provide additional comfort and security.

Lining: 90% polyester, 10% spandex; body: 82 percent polyester, 18 percent spandex, Drawstring for fastening.

Stretchy swim shorts with no front seam for comfort in an athletic setting. Adjustable men's sports swimwear featuring an inner drawstring for a secure, scalable fit.

Swimming Jammers for Men

Breathable Swimming Jammers for Men:

Quick-drying, lightweight material that is not transparent. By lowering swimming resistance, ultra-light fabric enables you to swim more quickly and dry more quickly. It will help you to get rid of the wet experience after swimming. It is also very breathable.

Freedom of Movement

UPF 50+ sunscreen that blocks UV rays is appropriate for daily exercise, water sports, triathlons, and the beach.

Polyester is more resistant to chlorine and sunshine than nylon, and the fabric is chlorine-resistant. The competition and training swimsuits dry incredibly fast, in just a few minutes after exiting the water.

 Material of Swimming Jammers for Men

about 82 per cent polyester and 18 per cent spandex.

XL: Fits people who are 170–175 pounds and 65–70 kilograms.

Height 175–180; weight 75–80 kg/165–176 lb; suitable for 2XL.

Packing  List:
1 Men's swimming trunks

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