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Best Meditation Cushion UK - 1 Round Zafu Yoga Pillow and 1 Square Roll-Up Zabuton Mat Filled with Eco-Friendly Kapok

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Best Meditation Cushion UK 

A firm yet cozy cushion called a meditation pillow is made to assist you in sitting comfortably when practicing meditation, especially for extended periods of time. There are two primary categories of seating cushions traditionally used in Zen Buddhism 
to provide ideal support for cross legged positions. This is a spherical, sturdy cushion that is typically filled with either kapok tree fiber or buckwheat hulls. Best Meditation Cushion UK is a good choice for your yoga meditation.

Contents of Best Meditation Cushion UK: 

The yoga equipment comprises a lightweight, supportive sitting mat as well as a floor-friendly meditation cushion measuring 38cm Diameter x 17.5 (14" x 7")cm Depth (WxDxH).


Adult meditation cushions are made of natural kapok. The meditation set's sturdy and breathable fabric enables a relaxing and comfortable sitting position.

Field of Application:

Yoga mats and cushions are the ideal tools for both meditation and physical yoga. Storage and transit are made easier by the carrying strap and the roll-up feature.

Special Features of Best Meditation Cushion UK: 

The floor sitting pillow and the zabuton cushion provide stability, and soft seating with support for the knees and ankles thanks to the cotton fabric and their double seams.

Leewadee Philosophy: 

Our name stands for sophisticated design. From chic vases to comfortable yoga cushions, all our products are manufactured responsibly in traditional Thai craftsmanship.

An excellent aid for practicing meditation is this cozy meditation set. The spacious and comfortable meditation mat, also known as a zabuton, makes a wonderful foundation. The yoga practice's traditional round meditation seat cushion, known as the Zafu, enables a comfortable upright sitting position.

The yoga cushion and meditation seat mat provide a high level of comfort, even during extended meditation periods.

The yoga and meditation accessories are filled entirely with natural kapok fibers. For these products, only fresh, undyed fibers from kapok trees that grow wild were used. The wax coating that makes this plant fiber moisture-resistant and climate-controlled is its distinctive quality.

All natural kapok fibers were used to fill the accessories for yoga and meditation. For these products, only fresh, undyed fibers from naturally growing kapok trees were used. This plant fiber's wax covering, which makes it moisture resistant and ensures a very pleasant climate, is its distinctive property.  

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Customer Reviews

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High Quality Meditation Cushion

What a wonderful meditation cushion! It's well-made, cozy, and has assisted me in developing my meditation technique.

Very comfortable

This cushion has significantly improved my meditation technique. It has enabled me to sit for longer periods of time comfortably, and I adore the elegant design.

Perfect Meditation Pillow

Great product. Exactly what I was looking for and expected. The fact that you can take out or add buckwheat hulls makes this pillow perfect for everyone.

Great purchase

The quality and the comfort are the best you can find. Highly recommended.

Comfortable and stylish

Like the design, I can just leave on my couch like a pillow. comfortable to sit on.