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Adult Snorkel Set - Full 3pc Snorkelling Set Mask Flippers Fins Snorkel With Carry Bag

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About Adult Snorkel Set

A PVC mask, snorkel, and a pair of color-coordinated fins are all included in the adult snorkel set. The ability to breathe underwater with a snorkel and the greater visibility provided by wearing a mask make these kid sets an excellent approach to assist your kids in learning to swim. 

Cheap Snorkeling Set

The masks include a tempered glass lens that provides excellent visibility and is made of high-quality PVC plastic. The double feather-edge skirt provides a cozy and secure fit. Due to the adjustable straps on the masks. By properly fitting the user, you can ensure the production of an ideal seal.

All-purpose Full Dry Adult Snorkel Set: Suitable for Beginners

You can breathe easily and without choking in the water with the aid of a full dry snorkel tube. The float ball on top of the tube will block the air entry when the entire snorkel is submerged in water.

When the snorkel top is above water, the float ball falls and the air can enter freely. Keeping everyone safe—even those who can't swim—by blocking the air intake prevents water from entering.

Anti-leak Tempered Glass, Super Clear:

Tempered glass is safer for the eyes than regular glass because it has an impact strength that is 3–5 times greater and a bending strength that is 3–5 times greater. A snorkel mask constructed of tempered glass provides exceptionally excellent visibility in the ocean.

With Free Carrying Bag and Earplugs: 

Guess you don't want to carry the adult snorkel set in your hands on the trip from the hotel to the beach to make your vacation more convenient.  In adddtion, you can remove all of your diving equipment at once.  Therefore, along with little items like sunscreen and sunglasses, with this specially built bag. The earplugs might assist in keeping water out of your ears.

Food Grade Material Mask & Anti-fog: 

  • There is no need to be concerned about allergies or odor following skin contact.
  • Manufacturers construct the snorkel mask and head strap using ultra-soft, food-grade silicone to ensure the safety of the human body.
  • You can better view the scenery thanks to the anti-fog treatment.
  • However, pay attention since the fog will always form when the air is significantly cooler than your face temperature.
  • To reduce this phenomenon, you can briefly submerge the object in water before using it.

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Customer Reviews

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Lavasati Customer
Good quality and well made

This is a lovely snorkel set, is well made and the materials look great to me.
They are nice and I like the colour but the fins are a bit bulky maybe for small people like me any way they are easy to adapt and they are suitable for me.