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Inflatable Pool Float - 18 Pocket PVC Inflatable Lilo Swimming Pool Sun Lounger Beach Sea Float Air Bed

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About Inflatable Pool Float

 An 18-pocket PVC inflatable pool float is a floating air bed designed for relaxing and lounging in the water.

Distinctive Features of Inflatable Pool Float 

Generous Size: 

The Splash Pool Lilo's roomy 190cm x 70cm proportions give you plenty of space to spread out and take a leisurely float at the beach or in the pool. Snuggle yourself on this cozy lounger and enjoy the sun. 

pool chair inflatable float

Lightweight and Portable Inflatable Pool Float:

When deflated, the weight of this pool lilo weighs only about 936g, making it quite portable. Because of its portability. You can easily carry it to your preferred body of water and store it when not in use. 

Mesmerizing Colors: 

You can partially see through the water thanks to the lilo's transparent body, which makes for an unusual and eye-catching experience. With pockets in bright colours like pink, light green, green, yellow, orange, and blue. The lilo adds a fun pop of colour to your poolside activities. 

Impressive Loading Capacity:

The Splash Inflatable Pool Float Lilo can accommodate adults and teenagers with a maximum loading capacity of 80kg (176 lbs), so everyone can enjoy the fun and relaxation. 

Ultimate Comfort:

With the built-in pillow supporting your head and neck, while you sway gently with the rhythm of the water, you can relax in unmatched comfort. This lilo is meant to provide a joyful and calming experience for all of its moments. 

Safety and Stability:

This lilo's two air chambers and eighteen vibrant coil beams ensure stability and safety for you as you float on the water. A repair patch is included for quick and simple fixes in the unlikely event of minor punctures. Guaranteeing that your enjoyment is not compromised. 

Specialties of Inflatable Pool Float 

  • Floating and Lounging
  • Inflation and Deflation
  • Durable PVC Material
  • Easy to use

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