Weighted Exercise Balls With Handles

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Weighted Exercise Balls With Handles - 5kg Double Grip Medicine Ball

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About Weighted Exercise Balls With Handles

The York 5kg double grip weighted exercise balls with handles have an easy-to-clean surface that provides a solid grip that is anti-slip for increased safety when working out. Your core strength, agility, and hand-eye coordination will all increase when you exercise with a medicine ball. It's a less strenuous alternative to weightlifting. This premium ball is composed of a sturdy rubber composite and has two handles for a convenient and comfortable grasp. Its weight of 5 kg (11 lbs) makes it ideal for several exercises like medicine ball push-ups, overhead slams, bicep curls, and tricep extensions.

Eco-friendly Materials:

This medicine ball is made of odorless, eco-friendly rubber and is completely safe for the health of you, your family, and your clients. This ball is ideal for strengthening muscles and improving coordination since high-density rubber improves durability and attractiveness.

Dual Grips:

Users can hold this training ball securely thanks to its dual grips and anti-skid material, which makes for a powerful and comfortable workout. An excellent air valve entirely stops air leakage, enhances safety, and increases ball life.

Durability & Portability:

The toughest exercises won't damage the heavy-duty rubber shell. The ball is strong and portable, and it may be utilized in any setting, including CrossFit workouts and even outside!

Great for a Variety of Workouts:

This medicine ball's dual grip design makes it suitable for a variety of exercises. from functional motions and mobility exercises to core and strength training. This ball can do anything!

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Medicine ball

This was a really wise Prime Day acquisition. It makes a fantastic medicine ball. thus far appears to be extremely robust.